Tajik leid

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Tajik, Tajik Persian, or Tajiki[1], (sometimes written Tadjik or Tadzhik; тоҷикӣ, تاجیکی‎, tojikī [tɔːdʒɪˈkiː]) is a modren variety o Persian[2] spoken in Central Asie. Historically Tajiks cawed their leid zaboni forsī (Persian leid); the term zaboni tojikī (Tajik leid) wis introduced in the 20t century bi the Soviets. Maist speakers o Tajik live in Tajikistan an Uzbekistan an is the offeecial leid o Tajikistan.

The dialect haes diverged frae Persian as spoken in Afghanistan an Iran, as a result o poleetical borders, geographical isolation, the staundartisation process, an the influence o Roushie an neighbourin Turkic leids. The staundart leid is based on the north-wastren dialects o Tajik (region o auld major ceety o Samarkand), which hae been somewha influenced bi the neighbourin Uzbek leid as a result o geographical proximity. Tajik an aa retains numerous archaic elements in its vocabulary, pronunciation, an grammar that hae been lost elsewhaur in the Persophone warld, in pairt due tae its relative isolation in the muntains o Central Asie.

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