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Uzbek (O‘zbek tili or O'zbekcha in Laitin script, Ўзбек тили or Ўзбекча in Cyrillic script; أۇزبېك ﺗﻴﻠی in Arabic script) is a Turkic leid an the offeecial leid o Uzbekistan. It haes aboot 25.5 million native speakers, an it is spoken bi the Uzbeks in Uzbekistan an elsewhaur in Central Asie. Uzbek belangs tae the sootheastren Turkic or Uyghur faimlie o Turkic leids, an consequently its lexicon an grammar are maist closely linked tae the Uyghur leid, whiles ither influences rase frae Persie, Arabic an Roushie.