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The banner of Uzbekistan (Uzbek: Oʻzbekiston davlat bayrogʻi) wis approved at the Seivent Extraordinary Session o the Supreme Council o the Republic o Uzbekistan, on November 18, 1991.[1]

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Accordin tae the Uzbek embassy:[1]

The State flag o the Republic o Uzbekistan wis approved at the Seventh Extraordinary Session o the Supreme Council o the Republic o Uzbekistan, on November, 18, 1991.

The State flag an its symbols portray the heestorical links wi states which hae existit in the past wi'in the borders o modern Uzbekistan an embodies in itself the naitional an cultural traditions o the republic.

1. The color blue on the flag is a seembol o the eternal sky an life-givin water, which reflect the essence o life. In seembolic leid it represents guidness, wisdom, honesty, glory an loyalty. Consequently, the color o Amir Temur’s state flag wis also blue.

2. The color white on the flag, seembolizin holy peace, harmonizes wi the illumination o the day an the sources o licht in the universe. The color white is a seembol o purity, transparency, innocence, the cleanliness f desires an dreams, an a strivin for inner beauty.

3. The color green is a seembol o the renewal o nature. In quite a few naitions, it is considered tae be a seembol o youth, hope an joy.

4. The red stripes ar tributaries o the pouer o life that flows in oor bodies.

5. The depiction o a youthful crescent moon is connectit wi oor heestorical traditions. At the same time it is a seembol o the independence which we hae obtained.

6. Stars ar considered a spiritual, divine symbol for all naitions. The 12 stars depictit on the state flag o the Republic o Uzbekistan ar also directly connectit wi oor heestorical traditions, wi the ancient calendar-cycle o the sun. Oor attention tae the 12 stars is also explained bi the development o astronomy in the scientific thought o the ancient states wi'in the borders o Uzbekistan. It is necessary tae unnerstand the depiction o 12 stars on oor state flag as a seembol o the antiquity o the culture o the Uzbek people, its maturity an the strivin for happiness in its land.

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