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Banner o Azerbaijan

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Banner o Azerbaijan

The banner o Azerbaijan (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan bayrağı) is the naitional banner o Azerbaijan. It consists o three equal horizontal baunds o equal width coloured blue on the tap, reid in the middle, an green on the bottom, wi a white crescent an an aicht-pointit starn are centred in the reid baund. The the predecessor o Azerbaijan, the Democratic Republic o Azerbaijan adoptit the current banner on 9 November 1918. On 5 Februar 1991, the Law on the Naitional Banner o Azerbaijan, governin its uisage, wis passed bi the Naitional Assembly o Azerbaijan. The banner is uised on land, as the civil, state an war banner, at sea, as the civil, state an naval ensign an naval jack.[1]

Throughoot history, thare hae been mony variations o the Azerbaijani banner. In auncient times, Azerbaijani dynasties wur representit bi different seembols displayed on thair banners. In the twintiet century, various Soviet banners representit the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.

The blue baund refers tae Turkic heritage,[2] the reid is for progress an Europeanisation[3] an the green refers tae Islam.[4]

The Azerbaijani govrenment daes specify the exact shades o blue, red, an green. The offeecial colours an size wur adoptit on Februar 5, 1991,[5] syne then the banner is referred tae in the Constitution an is mentioned twa times in the naitional anthem. The specific shades o the naitional banner wur laid oot in a 2004 law as the follaein: blue - PMS 313 C, red - PMS 185 C, green - PMS 3405 C.[6]

Colour model Blue Red Green
Pantone[6] 313 C 185 C 3405 C
RGB[7] 0-151-195 (#0097c3) 224-0-52 (#e00034) 0-174-101 (#00ae65)


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