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The banner o the Republic o Maldives is red wi a lairge green rectangle in the center bearin a vertical white crescent; the closed side o the crescent is on the hoist side o the banner. It wis adoptit on Julie 25, 1965.

The red rectangle represents the boldness o the naition's heroes, an their willinness tae sacrifice their ivery drop o blood in defense o their kintra. The green rectangle in the center seembolizes peace an prosperity. The white crescent moon seembolizes a state o unified Islamic faith.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The earliest banner o the Maldives consistit o a plain red field. Later, a black an white striped hoist cawed the Dhandimathi (Dhivehi: ދަނޑިމަތި) wis addit tae the banner[1].

This version o the banner wis uised till early in the 20t century, when Abdul Majeed Didi addit a crescent tae the naitional banner. At the same time, a distinct state banner wis made, which haed the crescent on a green rectangle. These chynges wur made some time atween 1926 an 1932, durin Abdul Majeed's term as Prime Meenister.[2]

In 1953, the Maldives became a republic, resultin in anither banner chynge. The naitional banner wis dropped an the crescent on the state banner wis reversed, so that it faced the hoist. The Sultanate wis restored in 1954, but the banner wis no chynged back[3]. Instead, Muhammad Fareed Didi creatit a new banner specifically for the Sultan, wi a five-pointit star next tae the crescent. A version o this banner is still uised today as the Presidential Staundart.

When the Maldives gained independence in 1965, the black an white hoist wis removed, givin the banner its modren form.

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