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Banner o Laos

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Banner o the Kinrick o Laos (1952-1975).
Banner o Laos as a French colony
compare the Thai banner frae 1855-1916

The banner o Laos wis adoptit on December 2, 1975. The banner haed previously been uised bi the short-lived Lao nationalist govrenment o 1945.

Description an symbolism

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The banner consists o three horizontal strips, middle blue strip is twice the heicht o the tap an bottom reid stripes. In the middle is a white disc, the diameter o the disc is 0.8 times the heicht o the blue stripe. The banner ratio is 2:3. The naitional banner o Laos wis adoptit in 1975, when the kintra became a fowkrepublic. It is ane o the few Communist flags that daes nae uise the five-pyntit star as an emblem. This banner replaced the oreeginal banner o Laos, which wis reid, wi a triple-headed white elephant on a pedestal beneath a parasol. This expressed the auncient name o the kintra, "Land o a Million Elephants," an dated frae the 19t century. Frae 1953 onward the royal govrenment waged war wi the Pathet Lao, whose banner wis blue wi a white disk an reid borders at the tap an bottom. Frae 1973-1975, the Pathet Lao formed pairt o the govrenment coalition, afore assuming power directly an prompting the abdication o the keeng. Thair banner wis adoptit as the naitional banner. In the center is a white disk seembolisin the unity o the fowk unner the leadership o the Lao Fowk's Revolutionary Pairty an the kintra's bricht future. It is an aa said to represent a full muin against the Mekong River. The reid stripes staund for the bluid shed bi the fowk in thair struggle for freedom, an the blue symbolizes thair prosperity.


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Frae 1952 until the faw o the royal govrenment in 1975 the kintra haed a reid banner, wi a white three-headed elephant (the god Erawan) in the middle. On tap o the elephant is a nine-folded umbrella, while the elephant itself stands on a five-level pedestal. The white elephant is a common royal seembol in Soothaest Asie, the three heads referred tae the three umwhile kinricks Vientiane, Luangprabang, an Champasak which made up the kinrick. The nine-folded umbrella is an aa a royal seembol, originating frae Mt. Meru in the Buddhist cosmology. The pedestal represented the law on which the kintra rested.

Royal Standard o Laos, 1949-1975

The Wastren heraldic blazon is A banner Gules, a Spainyie fess azure charged with a plate. This new banner haes replaced the ane uised syne 1952.