Emblem o Tajikistan

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Coat o airms o Tajikistan 1992-1993
Coat o airms o Tajik SSR till 1991

The State Emblem o Tajikistan is a modifee'd version o the oreeginal coat o airms o the Tajik SSR that wis in uise till the collapse o the Soviet Union in 1991. Lik ither post-Soviet republics whose seembols dae no predate the October Revolution, the current emblem retains some components o the Soviet ane.

The croun at the centre o the emblem is the same as the Tajik naitional banner, an refers tae the Persian wird taj, meanin croun, frae whilk the name o the Tajik fowk is said tae be derived, accordin tae ane interpretation. The base o the emblem contains a representation o a beuk an the Pamir Muntains. The emblem is flanked bi cotton on ane side an wheat on the ither, as well a banner o the naitional reid-white-green colours o Tajikistan is wrapped aroond the cotton an wheat.

The first emblem o independent Tajikistan in 1992-1993 wis chynged bi the govrenment o Emomalii Rahmon, whilk came tae pouer at the end o 1992. The cutty-lived airms bore a strikin resemblance tae the Persian Lion an Sun uised bi Iran afore the 1979 revolution.