Emblem o the Unitit Arab Emirates

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Emblem o the Unitit Arab Emirates (Syne 2008)
Umwhile emblem o the Unitit Arab Emirates (1973-2008)

The emblem o the Unitit Arab Emirates[1] (Arabic: شعار الإمارات العربية المتحدة‎) wis offeecially adoptit in 1973. It is seemilar tae the coats o airms an emblems o ither Arab states. It consists o a golden falcon. The falcon haed a reid disk which shows an Arab sailboat in its interior. The disk is surroondit bi a chain. The falcon haulds wi its talons a reid parchment bearin the name o the federation in Kufic script.

On 22 Mairch 2008, the emblem wis modified. The main chynge wis that the Arab sailboat wis replaced bi the UAE banner an seiven starns representin the seiven Emirates o the federation.[2]

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