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State o Venezuela
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Motto(s): none
Location within Venezuela
Location within Venezuela
Kintra Venezuela
Created 1901
Caipital San Fernando de Apure
 • Govrenor Ranón Carrizales (2011–2012)
 • Total 76,500 km2 (29,500 sq mi)
Aurie rank 3rd
  8.35% of Venezuela
Population (2007 est.)
 • Tot 473,900
 • Rank 19th
  1.63% o Venezuela
Time zone UTC-04:00
ISO 3166 code VE-C
Emblematic tree Merecure licania (Licania pyrifolia)
Wabsteid www.apure.gob.ve

Apure State (Spaingie: Estado Apure, IPA: [esˈtaðo aˈpuɾe]) is ane o the 23 states (estados) intae which Venezuela is dividit. Its territory formit pairt o the provinces o Mérida, Maracaibo, an Barinas, in accordance wi successive territorial ordinations pronooncit bi the colonial authorities. In 1824 the Depairtment o Apure wis creatit, unner jurisdiction o Barinas, which laid the foondations for the current entity. In 1856 it separatit frae Barinas an for the first time Apure appeared as an independent province, which in 1864 acquired the status o state. In 1881, housomeivver, a new territorial diveesion combined Apure an Guayana tae form a single state namit Bolívar. In 1899 it reestablished its autonomy an feenally, bi means o the Constitution o 1909, gained its current borders.

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Coordinates: 7°54′N 67°28′W / 7.900°N 67.467°W / 7.900; -67.467