New York Ceety draucht riots

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New York Draucht Riots
Part of the American Ceevil War
New York Draft Riots - fighting.jpg
A drawin frae a Breetish newspaper shawin airmed rioters clashin wi Union Airmy sodgers in New York Ceety.
Date 13 Julie 1863 (1863-07-13) – Julie 16, 1863 (1863-07-16)
Location Manhattan, New York, U.S.
Resultit in Riots ultimately suppressed
Daith(s) 119–120[1][2]
Injuries 2,000

The New York draucht riots (Julie 13–16, 1863), kent at the time as Draucht Week (Inglis: Draft Week),[3] war veeolent disturbances in Lawer Manhattan, widely regairdit as the culmination o wirkin-cless discontent wi new laws passed bi Congress that year tae draucht men tae ficht in the ongangin American Ceevil War. The riots remeen the lairgest ceevil an racial insurrection in American history, aside frae the Ceevil War itsel.[4]

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