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Swadish leid

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The airts whaur Swadish is spoken
Svenska språkets utbredning

Swadish (svenska) is a North Germanic leid, spak bi mair nor nine million fowk, maistly in Swaden an pairts o Finland, especially alang the coast an on the Åland islands. It is tae a muckle extent mutually intelligible wi Norawa an a bittie less wi Dens. Swaden is ca'd "Sverige" in Swadish, it is pronouncit "Sver-ye".

Historie o Swaddish[eedit | eedit soorce]

Alang wi the ither North Germanic leids, Swaddish is an affcome o Auld Norse, the common leid o the Germanic fowk bidin in Scandinavie durin the Viking Age. The letters that exist in Swadish an nae in Scots (even tho' "ä" exists in Ulster Scots) are: å, ä an ö.

The Swaddish as it wis spoken in the Mid-Ages wis gey different frae modren Swaddish. The grammar is muckle different, mair nor the pronouciaition that didna chynge the muckle : thar wis fower cases for adjectives, nouns an pronouns: nominative, dative, accusative an genitive. (The farst an the last dae exist till the day). Thar war three genders: masculine, wummanly an neuter. The utrum is the gender o the day that contains baith masculine an wummanly. The conjugaition wis mair complex an aw, haein indicative an subjonctive an the verb chyngin at ivery person an number. The XVIth yeirhunder an the like, the leid haes become gey simpler in a pure grammatical owersicht, it wis mair like the the day's Swaddish. Till the XVIIth yeirhunder the cases war stil uisit, but nou bide anly in some rare dialects.

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