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The approximate extent o Auld Norse an sib leids in the early 10t century:
   Auld Wast Norse dialect
   Auld Aest Norse dialect
   Auld Gutnish dialect
   Ither Germanic leids that Auld Norse hauds some mutual intelligibility wi

Dens (dansk) is a Germanic leid an pairt o the North Germanic brainch. It is spak bi aboot 6 million fowk, mainly in Denmark; the leid is uised bi the 50,000 Danes in the northren pairts o Schleswig-Holstein in Germany an aw, whaur it hauds the status o a minority leid. Dens hauds offeecial status an is a mandator subject in schuil in the Dens territories o Greenland an the Faroe Islands an aw, that nou enjoys limited autonomy. In Iceland an Faroe Islands, Dens is, alangside Inglis, a compulsor fremmit leid teached in the schuils. In North an Sooth Americae there is Dens leid communities in Argentina, the U.S. an Canadae.

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