Kinrick o Denmark

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Kinrick o Denmark
Kongeriget Danmark
Kinrick o Denmark
(an lairgest ceety)
Offeecial leid(s) Dens, Faroese,
 - Monarch


Parliamentary democracy an Constitutional monarchy
Frederik X 
 - Tot

2,220,093 km² (1,370,000 sq mi)
 - 2011
 -  Densitie
2.5/km2 (236t) 6.5/sq mi
Foondin 8t century
Siller Dens krone, Faroese króna
Internet TLD DK
Cawin code +45 (Denmark), +298 (Faroes), +299 (Greenland)

The Kinrick o Denmark (Dens: Kongeriget Danmark, pronoonced [ˈkɔŋəʁiːəð ˈdanmɑɡ̊] ( listen), Faroese: Kongsríki Danmarkar, Greenlandic: Kunngeqarfik Danmarki) or the Dens Realm (Dens: Danmarks Rige), is a constitutional monarchy an sovereign state consistin o Denmark proper in northren Europe an twa autonomous constituent kintras, the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic an Greenland in North Americae. Denmark is the hegemonial pairt, whaur the residual judicial, executive an legislative pouer rests.[1] Accordin tae the Faroese hame rule act, the Faroe Islands constitutes a community o fowk athin the kinrick.[note 1] The Greenlandic sel-govrenment act disnae contain a seemilar definition, but insteid descreives the Greenlandic fowk as a fowk as defined in internaitional law wi the richt tae sel-determination.[note 2]

The kinrick is a unitary state wi some pouer bein devolved frae Denmark tae Greenland an the Faroe Islands; this federacy is referred tae as Rigsfællesskabet.[4] Ane o the results o this arrangement is that Denmark is a member o the European Union while baith Greenland an the Faroes hae optit tae remain ootside o the EU. Ilka kintra is a member o the Nordic Cooncil whaur thay function independently.

Kintra Population Aurie (km²) Densitie (Pop per km²)
 Denmark 5,564,219 43,094 129
 Faroe Islands 49,267 1,399 35
 Greenland 57,564 2,175,600 0.026
Kinrick o Denmark 5,671,050 2,220,093 2.6

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Durin the 8t–11t centuries, the Norse discovered an settled the Hebrides, Shetland, Orkney, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland an attemptit tae establish a settlement in Vínland, believit tae be at L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland. Thay an aw conquered an settled pairts o Ingland (the Danelaw), Ireland, an Normandy, an foondit the Kievian Rus' in the east. The Norse ran tred routes frae Greenland in the north tae Constantinople in the sooth via Roushie rivers. Denmark-Norawa wis formed as a state in 1536, follaein a personal union o Denmark an Norawa.

The Dano-Norse union wis dissolved bi the Treaty o Kiel in 1814, wi Denmark keepin the Norse dependencies o Iceland, the Faroe Islands, an Greenland. Denmark an aw ruled ower Dens Indie (notably Tranquebar) frae 1620 tae 1869, the Dens Gowd Coast (Ghana) frae 1658 tae 1850, an the Dens Wast Indies (the U.S. Virgin Islands) frae 1671 tae 1917.

Iceland achieved hame rule in 1874, an became a fully sovereign state in 1918, unitit wi Denmark unner a common keeng. The Icelanders abolished the monarchy in 1944, an in 1948 the Faroese gained hame rule. The kinrick jynt the European Economic Commonty (nou the European Union) athoot the Faroes in 1973, an Greenland athdrew in 1985, in baith cases acause o fisheries policies. Greenland gained hame rule in 1979 an a proposal for introducin faur autonomy in 2009 wis appruivit in a referendum in 2008. Greenlanders consider unthirldom if eneuch naitural resoorces are discovered tae mak that prospect economical.

Govrenment an politics[eedit | eedit soorce]

The three constituent kintras o the Kinrick: Greenland, Faroe Islands an Denmark

The Folketing is the Dens naitional legislatur. The Folketing consists o 175 members electit bi proportional majority frae Denmark, plus twa members each electit frae Greenland an the Faroe Islands. General elections are hauden at least ivery fower years, but it is athin the pouers o the Prime Meenister tae caw ane at his discretion afore this period haes elapsed.

Forby, the Faroe Islands an Greenland wur grantit hame rule in 1948 an 1979 respectively. As well as electin twa members each tae the Dens pairlament, Greenland haes a legislatur, the Landsting (or Inatsisartut in Kalaallisut), that consists o 31 seats an the Faroes hae a pairlament kent as the Løgting whilk consists o a fixed 33 members.

Greenland an the Faroes are representit in Denmark bi thair Heich Commissioners (Dens: Rigsombudsmand) wha inform the Dens Prime Meenister o relevant discussions in the hame rule pairlaments.

The Constitution o Denmark o 1953 is that o a unitary state an applees tae aw three regions, an the hame rule an sel-rule greements are no enshrined in the constitution. Baith the Faroe Islands an Greenland manage maist o thair awn internal affairs. Thay mey an aw conclude internaitional greements on behauf o the Dens realm, if thir concern anerlie thair awn pairt o the realm.

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Phytogeographically, Denmark, as well as Greenland an the Faroe Islands, belangs tae the Boreal Kinrick an is shared atween the Airctic, Atlantic European an Central European provinces o the Circumboreal Region. Accordin tae the WWF, the territory o Denmark can be subdividit intae twa ecoregions: the Atlantic mixed forests an Baltic mixed forests. The Faroe Islands are covered bi the Faroe Islands boreal grasslands, while Greenland hosts the ecoregions o Kalaallit Nunaat heich arctic tundra an Kalaallit Nunaat law airctic tundra.

The Kinrick o Denmark is the anerlie state in the warld tae hae a majority o its land aurie north o the Airctic Circle.

See an aw[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Rigsfællesskabet (Commonwalth o the Realm), a mair detailed description o the relationship atween Denmark, Greenland an the Faroe Islands.

Endnotes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The Faroese hame rule §1: "The Faroe Islands constitute a sel-governin community o a fowk athin the Kinrick o Denmark athin the framewirk o this law..."[2]
  2. The Greenlandic sel-govrenment act: "In recognition o the fact that the fowk o Greenland constitutes a fowk in internaitional law wi the richt tae sel-determination, the law bigs on a wish tae promote equality an mutual respect in the pairtnership atween Denmark an Greenland."[3]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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