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Native taeJersey an Sark
Native speakers
1,900 (2011 census)[1]
2,800 L2 speakers o Jersey an Gansey
Early forms
Offeecial status
Offeecial leid in
An offeecial leid o Jersey alangside the Ingles leid
Leid codes
ISO 639-3nrf (incl. Guernésiais)
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Jèrriais maister Ben Spink spiks Jèrriais an tells the wirds o the sang "Man Bieau P'tit Jèrri" bi Frank Le Maistre.

Jèrriais is the byleid o the Norman leid spakken in Jersey, yin o the Channel Islands aff the coast o Fraunce. Hit haes doukin ower the past yeirhunner as Ingles haes acome the leid o eddication, commerce an admeenistration. Thare are no monie fowk that spik Jèrriais as a mitherleid an, awin tae the eild o the remainin spikkers, thair nummers gae doun ivery yeir. Nanetheless, efforts are bein makkit tae keep the leid alive.

A seemilar leid, Guernésiais, is spakken in nearby Gansey. The leid o Sark, Sercquiais, comed fae Jèrriais bi Jersey colonists that sattlet Sark in the 16t yeirhunner; an thare is mutual intelligibility wi the Norman leid o mainlaund Normandy.

Jèrriais is affen cried "Jersey French" or "Jersey Norman French" in Ingles (tho aiblins this gies the impression that the leid is a byleid o French) an "jersiais" or "normand de Jersey" in French. Jèrriais is distinct fae the Jersey Legal French uised fir legal contracts, laws an offecial missives bi the govrenment an admeenistration o Jersey. Fir this raison, sum fowk uise the term "Jersey Norman" tae clarifee.

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