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Jersey is an island that is locate aff the northwast coast o Fraunce. It is a croun dependency o the Breetish monarchy. The territory o Jersey is cawed a bailiwick acause the person that is heid o the island is cried the Bailiff. The Bailiwick o Jersey awsae includes the islands o Minquiers an Ecréhous, whaur naebody leeves. The ither islands o the Chainel Islands belang tae the Bailiwick o Gansey. The kintra code (uised for the internet an aw) is JE.

Ower a hunder thoosand fowk bide on the main island. Thirty per cent o thaim leeve in its anerly toun, Saint Helier.

Alang wi Inglis an French, mair nor twa thoosand fowk speak Jèrriais, a dialectal form o the Norman leid.

A satellite pictur o Jersay.

Coordinates: 49°11′24″N 2°6′36″W / 49.19000°N 2.11000°W / 49.19000; -2.11000