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Cymru (Welsh)
Welsh Banner
(Banner) (Coat o Airms)
Motto: Cymru am byth
(Welsh: Wales for aye)
Wales's airt in Europe

Wales's airt in the UK
Wales's airt in the UK

Offeecial leids Inglis, Welsh
Caipital Cairdiff (Welsh: Caerdydd)
Mukkilest ceitie Cairdiff
First Meinister Carwyn Jones
 - Tot

20,779 km²
 - Tot (2001)
 - Densitie

Siller Poond sterling (£) (GBP)
Time zone UTC, Simmer: UTC +1
Naitional anthem Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau
(Laund o ma faithers)
Naitional flouer Leek, Lily
Patron saunt Saunt Dauvit
Internet TLD .wales
Cawin code 441

(1) Skared wi Scotland, Ingland an Northren Ireland.

Wales (Welsh: Cymru) is a kintra in nor'wast Europe. It is ane o the sax Celtic kintras (alang wi Cornwall, Breettany, Ireland, Scotland an the Isle o Mann) an ane o the fower mukkil pairts o the Unitit Kinrick. The laund is in the sooth-wast o Great Breetain an haes til its eist the laund o Ingland, an is bund bi sie on its ither syds.

The laund o Wales wis taen ower bi Ingland in the 13t yeirhunder an makkit pairt o the Kingrik o Ingland bi the Act o Union 1536. In 1997 the Welsh fowk voted ti hae thair ain pairlament, whilk wis estaiblisht in 1999 an haes the pouer ti govern the laund o Wales on its ain maiters alane.

The Welsh leid (Cymraeg) is ane o the Brythonic brainch o the Celtic leids an is sib til Cornish an Breton. It is spak by aboot 20% o the fowk o Wales.