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Bridgend Coonty Burgh

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Bridgend County Borough
Bwrdeisdref Sirol Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr
- Total
- % Watter
Ranked 17th
246 km²
? %
Admin HQ Bridgend
ISO 3166-2 GB-BGE
ONS code 00PB
- (2021)
- Densitie

/ km²
Ethnicity 98.4% White.
Welsh leid
- Ony skills
Ranked 14t
Control Labour
MEPs Wales

Bridgend (Welsh: Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr) is a coonty burgh in the historic coonty o Glamorgan, sooth Wales. The coonty borough haes a total population o 130,000 fowk, an contains the settlements o Bridgend, after which it is named, Maesteg, an the seaside toun o Porthcawl. Its member o the Naitional Assembly for Wales is Carwyn Jones, the First Meenister o Wales, an its Member o Parliament is Madeleine Moon.

The coonty burgh lees at the geographical hert o sooth Wales. Its land aurie o 285 square kilometres stretches 20 km frae east tae wast an occupees the Llynfi, Garw an Ogmore valleys. The lairgest toun is Bridgend (pop: 39,773), follaeed bi Maesteg (pop: 20,700) an seaside resort o Porthcawl (pop: 19,238).[1]

It is based aroond the Ogmore River an its tributaries, although the Ewenny an Ogwr Fach rivers are considered the border wi the Vale o Glamorgan for hintle o their length.

It wis formit on 1 Aprile 1996 unner the Local Govrenment (Wales) Act 1994. It includes aw o the umwhile Ogwr borough apairt frae the communities o Wick, St Bride's Major an Ewenny, whilk went tae Vale o Glamorgan.

Govrenment[eedit | eedit soorce]

The region is govrened bi Bridgend County Borough Council. It is currently in the control o the Labour pairty.

Schuils[eedit | eedit soorce]

There are 9 seicontary schuils in Bridgend Coonty Burgh:

Notable fowk[eedit | eedit soorce]

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. census 2001

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Coordinates: 51°30′24″N 3°34′46″W / 51.50667°N 3.57944°W / 51.50667; -3.57944