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City of Newport
Dinas Casnewydd
Ceety & Principal aurie
The Newport Transporter Bridge, opened in 1906
The Newport Transporter Bridge, opened in 1906
Motto(s): "Terra Marique" "Bi land an sea"
City of Newport an (inset) athin Wales
City of Newport
an (inset) athin Wales
Coordinates: 51°35′15.86″N 2°59′54.04″W / 51.5877389°N 2.9983444°W / 51.5877389; -2.9983444Coordinates: 51°35′15.86″N 2°59′54.04″W / 51.5877389°N 2.9983444°W / 51.5877389; -2.9983444
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Constituent kintra Wales
Ceremonial coonty Gwent
Historic coonty Monmouthshire
Admin HQ Newport Civic Centre
Toun chairter 1385
Ceety status 2002
 • Teep Principal aurie, Ceety
 • Govrenin body Newport City Council
 • Mayor o Newport Margaret Cornelious
 • Leader o Newport City Council Bob Bright
 • MPs Paul Flynn, Labour
Jessica Morden, Labour
 • AMs Rosemary Butler, Labour
John Griffiths, Labour
 • Total 190 km2 (70 sq mi)
Population (2007 est / Urban 2006)
 • Tot (Ranked )
 • Density 738/km2 (1,910/sq mi)
 • Ethnicity
(2001 Census)
95.1% White
2.6% S. Asie
1.5% Afro-Caribbean
Time zone Greenwich Mean Time (UTC+0)
Postcode NP
Aurie code(s) 01633
ISO 3166-2 GB-NWP
ONS code 00PR
OS grid reference ST312882
Demonym Newportonians

Newport (Welsh: Casnewydd) is a ceety an unitar authority aurie in Wales. Staundin on the banks o the River Usk, it is locatit aboot 12 miles (19 km) east o Cairdiff an is the lairgest urban aurie athin the historic coonty boundaries o Monmouthshire an the preserved coonty o Gwent. The Ceety o Newport, which includes rural auries as well as the built up aurie, is govrened bi the unitary Newport Ceety Cooncil, an haes a population o 140,200, makin it the seivent maist populous unitary authority in Wales.

Accordin tae Census 2001 data the population o the core built-up aurie wis 116,143,[1] makin it the third lairgest ceety in Wales. For European statistical purposes, Newport is includit athin the Cairdiff an Sooth Wales valleys metropolitan aurie, which haes a population o nearly 1.1 million.[2]

Newport railwey station is on the Sooth Wales main line.

Twinnin[eedit | eedit soorce]

Newport is twinnin[3] wi the follaein:

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