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Portsmouth (locally /ˈpɔːtsməθ/ ( listen)) is a ceety in the ceremonial coonty o Hampshire on the sooth coast o Ingland. Portsmouth is the Unitit Kinrick anely island ceety, bein mainly locatit on Portsea Island. As a significant naval port for centuries, Portsmouth is hame tae the warld's auldest dry dock that is still in uise, an hame tae some famous ships including the HMS Warrior an Lord Nelson's flagship HMS Victory. Awthou smawer than in its heyday, the naval base is still a major dockyard an base for the Ryal Navy an Ryal Marine Commandos that's haes thir heidquarters thare. Thare is a thrivin commercial ferryport in the city an aw, providin links tae destinations on the continent for freight an passenger traffic.

'Pompey'[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Ceety o Portsmouth an Portsmouth F.C. are baith nicknamed Pompey. The wird Pompey is thocht tae hae came frae shippin enterin the harbour an bein notit in logs as Pom. P. in reference tae Portsmouth Point. Navigational chairts uise this abbreviation an aw.

Coordinates: 50°49′N 1°05′W / 50.817°N 1.083°W / 50.817; -1.083