Ryal Marines

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The cadie badge o the Ryal Marines

The Ryal Marines is the ampheebious infantry o the Unitit Kinrick an maks up, wi the Ryal Navy an Ryal Fleet Auxeeliar, the Naval Service. Thare's aboot 7,500 men in the Marines, an they are weel trained, gaun throu ane o the maist teuch an lang trainins in the warld.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Ryal Marines cam intae bein on 28t October 1664, tae fecht in a weir agin the Dutch, they war cried the "Admiral's Regiment". Ane o the maist faur-kent vicotries o the Marines wis the fangin an fendin o Gibraltar.

Durin the 19t century the Marines war inrowed in a lot o fechtin, includin the Crimean Weir. Forby, the Marines feucht at the laundin at Gallipoli an led the raid at Zeebrugge.

Warld Weir 2 wis whan the Ryal Marines first becam commandos. Thay war inrowed wi mony battles o WWII, sic as the Allied invasion o Sicily an D-Day in Normandy. Thomas Peck wis the anerly marine awairdit the Victoria Cross durin WWII, for his actions at Loch Comacchio, he is also the hindermaist marine to be awairdit the Victoria Cross.

Efter the weir, the Marines feucht in Korea, becomin the first furrin unit to be awairdit the American Preses Unit Citation. Mair action in the faur east cam in Malaya an in Borneo. Efter 1969, the Marines war aft in Northren Ireland, durin the Tribbles. The Marines war inrowed in the Falklands Weir an aw, famously "yompin" athort tae the caipital, Stanley, an helpin tae defeat the Argentineans.

The Marines, hiv been deployed tae baith Iraq an Afghanistan an are at praisent inrowed in fechtin the Taliban in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.