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For ither uises, see Norwich (disambiguation).
Ceety & Nan-metropolitan destrict
Norwich in March 2009
Norwich in March 2009
Coat o airms o Norwich
Coat o airms
Shown athin Norfolk
Shown athin Norfolk
Coordinates: 52°37′42″N 1°17′48″E / 52.62833°N 1.29667°E / 52.62833; 1.29667Coordinates: 52°37′42″N 1°17′48″E / 52.62833°N 1.29667°E / 52.62833; 1.29667
Kintra Unitit Kinrick
Constituent kintra Ingland
Region East o Ingland
Coonty Norfolk
 • Teep Nan-metropolitan destrict
 • Local Authority Norwich City Council
 • MPs Clive Lewis (Labour)
Chloe Smith (Conservative)
 • Ceety & Nan-metropolitan destrict 39.02 km2 (15.07 sq mi)
Population (2011 est.)
 • Ceety & Nan-metropolitan destrict 141,800 (Ranked 144t)
 • Urban 213,166
 • Urban density 3,388/km2 (8,770/sq mi)
 • Metro 376,500 (Travel to Work Area)[1]
 • Ethnicity
(2011 census)[2]
White (90.9%)
Asian (4.5%)
Mixed (2.3%)
Black (1.6%)
Arab (0.5%)
Other (0.4%)
Time zone Greenwich Mean Time (UTC+0)
Postcode NR1–NR16
Aurie code(s) 01603
ONS code 33UK

Norwich (/[unsupported input]ˈnɒr/ NORR-ij or /ˈnɒr/ NORR-ich)[3] is a ceety in Ingland. It is the regional admeenistrative centre an coonty toun o Norfolk. Durin the 11t century, Norwich wis the seicont lairgest ceety in Ingland, efter Lunnon, an ane o the maist important places in the kinrick.

The built up aurie o Norwich haes a population o 259,100. This aurie extends ayont the ceety bundary, wi extensive suburban auries on the wastren, northren an eastren sides, includin Costessey, Hellesdon, Old Catton, Sprowston an Thorpe St Andrew. The parliamentary seats cross ower intae adjacent local govrenment destricts. 135,800 (2008 est.) fowk live in the City of Norwich an the population o the Norwich Travel tae Wirk Aurie (i.e. the aurie o Norwich in which maist fowk baith live an wirk) is 367,035 (the 1991 figure wis 351,340). Norwich is the fowert maist densely populated local govrenment destrict athin the East o Ingland wi 3,480 fowk per square kilometre (8,993 per square mile).

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