Ceety o Lunnon

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Ceety o Lunnon
The Ceety o Lunnon, seen frae the sooth bank o the Thames in September 2015
The Ceety o Lunnon, seen frae the sooth bank o the Thames in September 2015
the Square Mile, the City
Domine Dirige Nos
("O Lord Direct us", motto o City of London Corporation)
Ceety o Lunnon athin Greater Lunnon
Ceety o Lunnon athin Greater Lunnon
Coordinates: 51°30′56″N 0°05′32″W / 51.5155°N 0.0922°W / 51.5155; -0.0922Coordinates: 51°30′56″N 0°05′32″W / 51.5155°N 0.0922°W / 51.5155; -0.0922
StatusSui generis; ceety an coonty
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Roman dounsetc. 47 AD
Wessex dounset886 AD
 • BodiCity of London Corporation
 • Lord MayorAndrew Parmley
 • Town ClerkJohn Barradell
 • Admeenistrative HQGuildhall
 • London AssemblyUnmesh Desai (Lab) (City and East)
 • Member o PairliamentMark Field (Con) (Cities of London and Westminster)
 • Total2.90 km2 (1.12 sq mi)
Highest elevation
21 m (69 ft)
Lowest elevation
0 m (0 ft)
 • Total8,072
 • Rank325t (o 326)
 • Density2,800/km2 (7,200/sq mi)
Ethnicity (2011)
 • Percentage
Time zoneUTC (GMT)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+1 (BST)
ONS code
Area code(s)020
Patron sauntSaunt Paul
Polis forceCity of London Police
Transport for London zonesFare zone 1; congestion charge zone

The Ceety o Lunnon (Inglis: City of London) is a sma aurie athin Greater Lunnon, Unitit Kinrick. It is the historic core o Lunnon aroond which the modren conurbation grew an haes held ceety status syne time immemorial. The Ceety’s boondaries hae remained amaist unchynged syne the Middle Ages, an it is nou anerlie a tiny pairt o the metropolis o Lunnon, tho remains a notable pairt o Central Lunnon. It is aften referred tae as the Ceety (aften written on maps as "Ceety") or the Square Mile, as it is juist ower ane square mile (1.12 sq mi/2.90 km2)[3] in aurie. Thir terms are an' a' aften uised as metonyms for the Unitit Kinrick's financial services industry, which haes historically been based here.

In the medieval period, the Ceety wis the full extent o Lunnon. The term Lunnon nou refers tae a muckle lairger conurbation roughly correspondin tae Greater Lunnon, a local govrenment aurie which includes 32 Lunnon boroughs as well as the Ceety o Lunnon. The local authority for the Ceety, the City of London Corporation, is unique in the Unitit Kinrick, an haes some unuisual responsibilities for a local authority in Breetain, sic as bein the polis authority for the Ceety. It an aa haes responsibilities an awnerships ayont the Ceety's boondaries. The Corporation is heidit bi the Lord Mayor o the Ceety o Lunnon, an office separate frae (an muckle aulder than) the Mayor o Lunnon.

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