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Derbyshire within England
Status Ceremonial an (smawer) nan-metropolitan coonty
Region East Midlands
- Total
- Admin. council
- Admin. aurie
Rankit 21st
2,625 km2 (1,014 sq mi)
Rankit 20t
2,547 km2 (983 sq mi)
Admin HQ Matlock
ISO 3166-2 GB-DBY
ONS code 17
NUTS 3 UKF12/13
- Total (2011 est.)
- Density
- Admin. council
- Admin. pop.
Ranked 19t
385/km2 (1,000/sq mi)
Ranked 11t
Ethnicity 96.0% White
2.3% S. Asie
1.7% Black, Mixed Race or Cheenese
Arms of Derbyshire County Council
Derbyshire County Council
Executive Conservative
Members o Parliament
South Derbys Derby Erewash Amber Valley Derbyshire Dales High Peak North East Derbys. Chesterfield Bolsover Nottinghamshire Leicestershire Staffordshire South Yorks ManchesterClick on image

1. High Peak 2. Derbyshire Dales 3. Sooth Derbyshire 4. Erewash 5. Amber Valley 6. North East Derbyshire 7. Chesterfield 8. Bolsover 9. Derby (Unitary)

Derbyshire (Listeni/ˈdɑːrbʃə/ DAR-bi-shər or /ˈdɑːrbɪʃɪər/ DAR-bi-sheer; abbreviatit Derbys. or Derbs.) is a coonty in the East Midlands o Ingland. A substantial portion o the Peak District National Park lees athin Derbyshire. The soothren extremity o the Pennine range o hills extends intae the north o the coonty. The coonty contains athin its boondary o approximately 225 miles pairt o the Naitional Forest. In 2003 the Ordnance Survey placit Church Flatts ferm, near Coton in the Elms, as the furthest point frae the sea in Great Breetain.[1][2]

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