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Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Constituent kintra Ingland
Region Yorkshire an the Humber
(Pairt o the ceremonial coonty is in the North East Region)
Oreegin 1974
Ceremonial coonty
Area [convert: needs a number]
 • Rankit o 48
 • Rankit o 48
Density [convert: needs a number]
Ethnicity 97.9% White
1.0% S.Asie
1.1% Ither
Time zone Greenwich Mean Time (UTC)
 • Simmer (DST) Breetish Simmer Time (UTC+1)

North Yorkshire is a coonty in Ingland. It is a nan-metropolitan or shire coonty locatit in the Yorkshire an the Humber region o England, an a ceremonial coonty primarily in that region but paortly in North East Ingland. Creatit in 1974 bi the Local Govrenment Act 1972[1] it covers an aurie o 8,654 square kilometres (3,341 sq mi), makkin it the lairgest ceremonial coonty in Ingland. The majority o the Yorkshire Dales an the North York Moors lee athin North Yorkshire's boondaries, an aroond 40% o the coonty is covered bi Naitional Pairks. The coonty toun is Northallerton.

Diveesions an environs[eedit | eedit soorce]

The aurie unner the control o the coonty cooncil, or shire coonty, is dividit intae a number o local govrenment destricts; they are Craven, Hambleton, Harrogate, Richmondshire, Ryedale, Scarborough an Selby.[2]

The Department for Communities an Local Govrenment did consider reorganisin North Yorkshire Coonty Cooncil's admeenistrative structur bi abolishin the seiven destrict cooncils an the coonty council tae create a North Yorkshire unitary authority. The chynges wur planned tae be implementit no later than 1 Aprile 2009.[3][4] This wis rejectit on 25 Julie 2007 so the Coonty Cooncil an Destrict Cooncil structur will remain.[5]

The lairgest settlement in the admeenistrative coonty is Harrogate, while in the ceremonial coonty it is York.

York, Middlesbrough an Redcar an Cleveland are unitary authority burghs which form pairt o the ceremonial coonty for various functions such as the Laird Lieutenant o North Yorkshire, but dae no come unner coonty cooncil control. Uniquely for a destrict in Ingland, Stockton-on-Tees is split atween North Yorkshire an Coonty Durham for this purpose. Middlesbrough, Stockton-on-Tees, an Redcar an Cleveland burghs form pairt o the North East Ingland region.[6]

Pheesical featurs[eedit | eedit soorce]

The geology o North Yorkshire is closely reflectit in its landscape. Athin the cointy are the North York Moors an maist o the Yorkshire Dales; twa o eleiven auries o kintraside athin Ingland an Wales tae be offeecially designatit as naitional pairks. Atween the North York Moors in the east an the Pennine Hills in the wast lee the Vales o Mowbray an York. The Tees Lawlands lee tae the north o the North York Moors an the Vale o Pickering lees tae the sooth. Its eastren border is the North sea coast. The heichest point is Whernside, on the Cumbrian border, at 736 metres (2,415 ft).[7] The three major rivers in the coonty are the River Swale, River Ure an the River Tees. The Swale an the Ure form the River Ouse which flows through York an intae the Humber estuary. The Tees forms the border atween North Yorkshire an Coonty Durham an flows frae upper Teesdale tae Middlesbrough an Stockton an tae the coast.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

North Yorkshire wis formit on 1 Aprile 1974 as a result o the Local Govrenment Act 1972, an covers maist o the lands o the historic North Riding, as well as the northren hauf o the Wast Riding, the northren an eastren fringes o the East Riding o Yorkshire an the umwhile coonty burgh o York.

York became a unitary authority independent o North Yorkshire on 1 Aprile 1996,[8] an at the same time Middlesbrough, Redcar an Cleveland an auries o Stockton-on-Tees sooth o the river became pairt o North Yorkshire for ceremonial purposes, haein been pairt o Cleveland frae 1974 tae 1996.

Govrenance[eedit | eedit soorce]

North Yorkshire is a nan-metropolitan coonty that operates a cabinet-style cooncil.[9] The full cooncil o 72 elects a cooncil leader, who in turn appoints up tae 9 mair cooncillors tae form the executive cabinet. The cabinet is responsible for makkin decisions in the coonty. The coonty cooncil hae their offices in the coonty haw in Northallerton.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Agricultur is an important industry, as are mineral extraction an pouer generation. The coonty haes healthy heich technology, service an tourism sectors an aw.[10] The number o fowk claimin Job Seeker's Allowance is law, at 2.7%.[11]

This is a chairt o trend o regional gross value addit for North Yorkshire at current basic prices wi figurs in millions o Breetish Poonds Sterling.[12]

Year Regional Gross Value Addit[13] Agricultur[14] Industry[15] Services[16]
1995 7,278 478 2,181 4,618
2000 9,570 354 2,549 6,667
2003 11,695 390 3,025 8,281

Education[eedit | eedit soorce]

North Yorkshire LEA haes a maistly comprehensive education seestem wi 42 state schuils seicontary (no includin saxt form colleges) an 12 independent schuils.

Climate[eedit | eedit soorce]

North Yorkshire haes a Temperate Climate like hintle o the UK. Housomeivver there are lairge climate variations athin the coonty. The upper Pennines border on a Subarctic climate, whareas the Vale o Mowbray haes an amaist Semi-arid climate. Oweraw, wi the coonty being situatit in the east, it receives belaw average rainfaw for the UK, but the upper Dales o the Pennines are ane o the wettest pairts o Ingland, whaur in contrast the driest pairts o the Vale o Mowbray are some o the driest auries in the UK. Simmer temperaturs are abuin average, at 22°C, but heichs can regularly reach up tae 28°C, wi ower 30°C reached in Heatwaves. Winter temperaturs are belaw average, wi average laws o 1°C. Snaw an Fog can be expected dependin on location, wi the North Yorkshire Moors an Pennines haein snaw lyin for an average o atween 45 an 75 days per year.[17] Sunshine is maist plentiful on the coast, receivin an average o 1650 oors a year, an reduces further wast in the coonty, wi the Pennines anerlie receivin 1250 oors a year.

Climate data for North Yorkshire
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record heich °C (°F) 15
Average heich °C (°F) 6
Average law °C (°F) 1
Record law °C (°F) −14
Average precipitation mm (inches) 40
Soorce: [18][19]

Touns an veelages[eedit | eedit soorce]

Dounsets bi population[eedit | eedit soorce]

Rank Toun Population Year Burgh Definition Notes
1 Harrogate 71,594 2001 Harrogate Toun Unparished; collection o wairds
2 Scarborough 50,135 2001 Scarborough Toun Unparished; collection o wairds
3 Ripon 15,922 2001 Harrogate Ceevil Parish
4 Northallerton 15,741 2001 Hambleton Ceevil Parish
5 Knaresborough 14,740 2001 Harrogate Ceevil Parish
6 Skipton 14,313 2001 Craven Ceevil Parish
7 Whitby 13,594 2001 Scarborough Ceevil Parish
8 Selby 13,012 2001 Selby Ceevil Parish
9 Richmond 8,178 2001 Richmondshire Ceevil Parish
10 Tadcaster 7,000 2001 Selby Ceevil Parish
11 Norton 6,943 2001 Ryedale Ceevil Parish
12 Pickering 6,846 2001 Ryedale Ceevil Parish
13 Filey 6,819 2001 Scarborough Ceevil Parish
14 Sherburn-in-Elmet 6,221 2001 Selby Ceevil Parish
15 Killinghall 5,230[20] 2010 Harrogate Ceevil Parish

Italicisit locations lee ootside the current North Yorkshire shire coonty.

Places o interest[eedit | eedit soorce]

Italicised locations lie ootside the current North Yorkshire shire coonty.

An auncient derelict huntin lodge in Dob Park, North Yorkshire.

News an media[eedit | eedit soorce]

The coonty is servit bi BBC North East and Cumbria, an for mair sootherly pairts o the coonty BBC Yorkshire. Yorkshire Television an Tyne Tees Television are receivit in maist auries o the coonty an aw. BBC Tees is broadcast tae northren pairts o the coonty, whist BBC Radio York is broadcast mair widely. BBC Radio Leeds is broadcast tae soothren paorts o the coonty.

Transport[eedit | eedit soorce]

The main north-sooth road through the coonty is the A1/A1(M) which haes gradually been upgradit tae motorwa status syne the early 1990s. The anerlie ither motorwas athin the coonty are the short A66(M) near Darlington an a sma stretch o the M62 motorwa close tae Eggborough.[2] The ither naitionally maintained trunk routes are the A168/A19, A64, the A66 an A174.

The East Coast Main Line (ECML) bisects the coonty stoppin at Northallerton, Thirsk an York. Passenger services on the ECML athin the coonty are operatit bi East Coast, First TransPennine Express an Grand Central. First TransPennine Express run services on the York to Scarborough Line an the Northallerton–Eaglescliffe Line (for Middlesbrough) that baith branch aff the ECML.

Northern Rail operate the remainin lines in the coonty includin commuter services on the Harrogate Line, Airedale Line an York & Selby Lines, o which the umwhile twa are covered bi the Metro ticketin aurie. Remainin branch lines operatit bi Northern include the Yorkshire Coast Line frae Scarborough tae Hull, the Hull to York Line via Selby, the Tees Valley Line frae Darlington tae Saltburn an the Esk Valley Line frae Middlesbrough tae Whitby. Last but certainly not least, the Settle-Carlisle Line runs through the wast o the coonty wi services again operatit bi Northern.

Current an umwhile railwa routes in eastren North Yorkshire

The coonty suffered badly unner the Beeching cuts o the 1960s which saw places like Richmond, Ripon, Tadcaster, Helmsley, Pickering an the Wensleydale commonties lose their passenger services. Notable lines closed wur the Scarborough and Whitby Railway, Malton and Driffield Railway an the seicontary main line atween Northallerton and Harrogate via Ripon.

Heritage railways athin North Yorkshire include the North Yorkshire Moors Railway between Pickering and Grosmont, which opened in 1973, the Derwent Valley Light Railway near York, and the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam Railway. The Wensleydale Railway, which stairtit operatin in 2003, runs services atween Leeming Bar an Redmire alang a umwhile fricht anerlie line. The medium term aim tae operate intae Northallerton station on the ECML ance greement can be reached wi Network Rail, whilst the langer term aim tae re-instate the full line wast via Hawes tae Garsdale on the Settle-Carlisle line.

York railway station is the lairgest station in the coonty wi 11 platforms an is a major tourist attraction in its awn richt. The station is immediately adjacent tae the warld famous National Railway Museum.

As well as lang distance coach services operatit bi National Express an Megabus local bus service operators include Arriva, Harrogate & District, Scarborough & District (East Yorkshire Motor Services), Yorkshire Coastliner, First an the local Dales & District.

There are nae major airports in the coonty itsel but nearbi airports include Durham Tees Valley, Newcastle, Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield an Leeds Bradford.

Sports[eedit | eedit soorce]

North Yorkshire is hame tae several fitbaa clubs, the maist successful o which is Middlesbrough who play in the Football League Championship; ithers include York City who hae played in the Football League but the day play in the Conference National. Whitby Town F.C. hae reached the FA cup first roond seiven times, an hae played the likes o Hull Ceety, Wigan an Plymouth Argyle, they currently play in the Evo-Stik Premier league.

Nae notable rugby union teams hail frae the coonty but York City Knights are a rugby league team an play in the Rugby League Championship.

North Yorkshire is hame tae mony racecourses; these include Catterick Bridge, Redcar, Ripon an Thirsk. It haes ane motor racin circuit an aw, Croft Circuit; the circuit haulds meetins o the British Touring Car Championship, British Superbike an Pickup Truck Racing race series.

Yorkshire County Cricket Club, play a number o fixturs at North Marine Road, Scarborough.

The ball gemme Rock-It-Ball wis developit in the coonty.

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