Coonty Durham

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For ither uises, see Durham Coonty (disambiguation).
Coonty Durham
County Durham Flag.svg
Coonty Durham athin Ingland
Status Ceremonial coonty an (smawer) unitary destrict
Origin Historic
Region North East Ingland
- Total
- Admeen. cooncil
- Admin. aurie
Rankit 19t
2,676 km2 (1,033 sq mi)
Rankit 6t
2,226 km2 (859 sq mi)
Admin HQ Durham
ISO 3166-2 GB-DUR
ONS code 00EJ
- Total (2011 est.[1])
- Density
- Admin. council
Rankit 23rd
230/km2 (600/sq mi)
Rankit 7t
Ethnicity 98.6% White
Durham County Council
Members o Parliament
Durham Ceremonial Numbered 2009.png
  1. Coonty Durham (Unitary)
  2. Hartlepool (Unitary)
  3. Darlington (Unitary)
  4. Stockton-on-Tees (Unitary) *

* Only the part of the borough to the north of the River Tees is within the ceremonial County Durham.

Coonty Durham /ˈdʌrəm/ is a ceremonial coonty[2] an (smawer) unitary destrict in north east Ingland. The coonty toun is Durham. The lairgest dounset in the ceremonial coonty (in its awn unitary Borough) is the toun o Darlington.[3] The coonty haes a mixtur o minin an fermin heritage, as well as a hivy railwa industry, pairticularity in the soothwast o the coonty in Darlington, Shildon an Stockton. Its economy wis historically based on coal an iron minin.[4] It is an aurie o regeneration an promotit as a tourist destination.

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