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Bristol catherdal
Louise J. Rayner, "Bristol, Broad street"

Bristol is an Inglis ceity an coonty an ane o the twa admeenistrative centres o Sooth Wast Ingland (the ither bein Plymouth). Frae its earliest days, its sonse haes been linkit tae that o the Port o Bristol, the commercial port that origeenatit in the ceity centre, but that haes nou flittit tae the Bristol Lade coast. Bristol raxes tae this coast an includes Avonmouth, whaur maist o the current port is situate. Kenspeckle airts in an aboot the ceity includes Clifton, Filton an Patchwey. (Thir last twa airts is ootwi the praisent ceity mairch, in Sooth Gloucestershire.)

St Mary Redcliffe

Bristol is Ingland's aicht, an the Unitit Kinrick's elievent, maist populous ceity. As sic, it is ane o Ingland's kern ceities. It haed been, for hauf a century, the seicont lairgest Inglis ceity efter Lunnon, till the swith rise o Liverpool, Manchester an Birmingham, at he hindend o the 1780s.

Coordinates: 51°27′N 2°35′W / 51.450°N 2.583°W / 51.450; -2.583