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The pairish Kirk o Saunt Peter, Filton

Filton is a toun in Sooth Gloucestershire, Ingland, on the northren ootskirts o Bristol. Filton is fund on junction 1 o the M32 motorwey an junction 16 o the M5 motorwey. It haes a smaa Railwey Station an aw, no far frae Pairkwey. It is twinned wi St Vallier-sur-Rhône, Fraunce an Witzenhausen, Germany. The local fitbaw (soccer) team is cried "St Vallier FC" efter it's French twin.

Filton is merkit as a centre o the aerospace industry, wi BAE Seestems, Airbus an Rolls-Royce haein factories locatit roond aboot Filton Aerodrome, a connection that gangs back tae the early days o the Bristol Aeroplane Company. On 26t November 2003, Concorde 216 (G-BOAF) makkit the final iver Concorde flicht, returnin tae Filton for tae be hauden thare permanent as the centrepiece o a projectit air museum. This museum will include the exeestin Bristol Aero Collection that is for the nou hauden in a hangar at Kemble Airfield, fowertie mile frae Filton. This collection includes a Bristol Britannia aircraft that micht aiblins be brocht tae Bristol an aw. Ither companies an organizations sic as the MOD, Viridor, Hewlett Packard an Ryal Mail haes a presence in Filton an aw.

Filton haes a reenge o eddicational faceelities, includin Filton College, Filton Hie Schuil an several primary schuils. The Varsity o the Wast o Ingland is at naurby Frenchay.

Filton haes twa main shoppin areas - the Shield Centre an Abbey Wid Retail Pairk, as weel as monie local shops. Tae the aest o the toun thare is a smaa area o widland kent as Splatt's Abbey Wid, wi an interesting history. Forby thon thare is a lairge gowf coorse locatit at Filton that belangs Filton Gowf Club.