M32 motorwey

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The motorwey rins throu a green througang atween Junctions Ane an Twa. This photo leuks north durin peend northbound traffec (leavin the ceity).

The M32 motorwey is the main artery road in Bristol, Ingland. Stairtin at Junction 19 o the M4, it runs sooth bi Filton, Frenchay, Horfield, Lockleaze, Aeston an St Pauls an intil the mids o Bristol. At aboot 5 mile lang, it is ane o Breetain's shortest motorweys, wi juist three junctions. At junction 3, the motorwey feeds intil the A4032 trunk road in the mids of the ceity. It is a twa lane motorwey an haes a 60 mile an oor speed leemit frae junction 2 onwards.

Junctions[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Frenchay an Filton
  2. Horfield
  3. Bristol ceity mids

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