St Pauls, Bristol

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A destrict o Bristol, Ingland on the ootskirts o the ceity mids. St Pauls is famously kent ootthrou the UK as a aurie o heich wrang-daein (drog dealin an prostitiution[wrang wird or uiss o Scots]). It is the mids o the ceity's African an Jamaican commonties, monie o whilk are secoint generation.

Architectur in St Pauls is Georgian-styled biggins an the destrict haes monie quaders.

In throu the sweltrie simmer o 1981, tensions stairtit tae rise at the inequality faced bi the black youth in the area[wrang wird or uiss o Scots], an riots soon[wrang wird or uiss o Scots] brake oot, an wis anerly quelled bi police uisin tear gas sprayed intil the clamjamfrie.

St Pauls is the hame tae a smaa but thrivin hip hop scene, whaur onybodie can find monie breakdancers an rap crews.