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A motorwey is a muckle road athin a ceity, or jynin monie ceities thegither. For ordinar, a motorwey is a road that haes monie lanes o traffec in ilka airt, aften wi a pheesical diveesion (median) atween opposin traffec, an separate entry roadstae an frae the motorwey that's mair widely separatit nor connections on a staundart road an is aften grade-separated . A motorwey micht proheebit ingang bi fit-gangers (walkers) an leemit whit vehicles can gae on it.

Scotland disna hae mony motorweys, but twa o its maist important is the:

M74, frae the sooth-wast o Glesca tae the mairch wi Ingland

M8, frae the wast o Embro richt through the mids o Glesca

Glesca is at the hert o the motorwey seestem o Scotland an there are plans tae hae the M74 tae jyne the M8 at J20 o the M8, in Glesca.