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(Reguidit frae Road)
A gate made frae graivel.

A gate, street, road or ruid, is a bit laund that connects twa or mair places. For ordinar a gate haes been makkit easy tae traivel on, for ensaumple bi takkin awa trees an stanes sae the grund is mair evenly. Awtho mony gates is makkit oot o graivel an brouk, some is makkit frae concrete or brick.

Fowk haes been makkin gates for a lang time. Roman gates an the Incan caddie gates is faur-kent. But transport bi river wis for ordinar mair easy an faster nor transport bi the gate. In the industrial revolution, the railwey wis inventit. A railwey is a special type o gate, uisin airn rails. Gates is nou for ordinar biggit for wheeled vehicles, like caurs, tae traivel alang.

Ither kynds o gate[eedit | eedit soorce]