Horfield, Bristol

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Horfield is a suburb o the ceity o Bristol, in soothwast Ingland. It lies on Bristol's northern edge, its border wi Filton merkin pairt o the mairch atween Bristol an Sooth Gloucestershire. Historically, the area haed a wird for bein a lawless place acause Horfield Wid wis the haunt o thieves an gangrels. Monie o the aulder hooses in Horfield hae recently been riven down in favour o lairge new hoosin estates.

Horfield is hame tae the Memorial Hainin: a sports stadium biggit in 1921 for Bristol Rugby Club in mynd o the rugby union players o the ceity who dee'd in Warld Weir I, an rededicated tae commemorate the deid o Warld Weir II. In 1996, the hainins forbye became hame tae Bristol Rovers Football Club.

The area's maist famous son is Hollywood actor Cary Grant, who wis born at 15 Hughenden Road in Horfield, in 1904.