Cary Grant

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Cary Grant
Cary Grant in 1941
BornArchibald Alexander Leach
18 Januar 1904(1904-01-18)
Bristol, Ingland
Dee'd29 November 1986(1986-11-29) (aged 82)
Davenport, Iowa, U.S.
Cause o daith
Cerebral hemorrhage
Restin place
Ither namesArchie Leach
EddicationBishop Road Primary Schuil
Fairfield Grammar Schuil
  • Actor
  • buisinessman
Years active1922–1966
Hauf-marrae(s)Virginia Cherrill (m. 1934; div. 1935)
Barbara Hutton (m. 1943; div. 1945)
Betsy Drake (m. 1949; div. 1962)
Dyan Cannon (m. 1965; div. 1968)
Barbara Harris (m. 1981–1986)
Pairtner(s)Maureen Donaldson (1973–1977)[2]
BairnsJennifer Grant (born 1966)[3]
AwairdsAcademy Honorary Awaird (1970) For his unique mastery o the airt o screen actin wi the respect an affection o his colleagues.
Kennedy Center Honors (1981)

Cary Grant (born Archibald Alexander Leach; Januar 18, 1904 – November 29, 1986) wis an Inglis-American actor who acame an American ceetizen in 1942. Kent for his transatlantic accent, debonair demeanor an "dashin guid leuks", Grant is considered ane o classic Hollywid's definitive leadin men.[4]

Grant wis named the seicont Greatest Male Starn o Aw Time (efter Humphrey Bogart) bi the American Film Institute. He wis kent for baith comedic an dramatic roles; his best-kent films include The Awful Truth (1937), Bringing Up Baby (1938), Gunga Din (1939), The Philadelphia Story (1940), His Girl Friday (1940), Arsenic and Old Lace (1944), Notorious (1946), The Bishop's Wife (1947), To Catch a Thief (1955), An Affair to Remember (1957), North by Northwest (1959), an Charade (1963).

Nominatit twice for the Academy Awaird for Best Actor (Penny Serenade an None But the Lonely Heart) an five times for a Gowden Globe Awaird for Best Actor, Grant wis continually passed ower. In 1970, he wis presented an Honorary Oscar at the 42nt Academy Awairds bi Frank Sinatra "for his unique mastery o the airt o screen actin wi the respect an affection o his colleagues".[5][6]

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