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Newry or Newrie (frae Erse An Iúraigh[1]) is a ceetie in Northren Ireland. The River Clanrye, that runs throu the ceetie, shapes the mairch atwein Coonty Armagh (til the wast) an Coonty Doun (til the aest). Hit is 34 mile (55 km) sooth-wast frae Belfast an 67 mile (108 km) north frae Dublin. Newry (thegither wi Bessbrook) haed 27,433 indwallers at the 2001 Census.[2][3] Hit is athin the Newry an Mourne Destrict Cooncil aurie, whilk haed a population o 87,058 in 2001.[4] Newry wis foondit in 1144 alangsyd a Cistercie minster an is ane o Northren Ireland's auldest touns.

The ceetie o Newry is pairt o the Dublin-Belfast corridor an ligs at the ingang til the "Gap o the North", naur the mairch wi the Republic o Ireland. Hit grew as a mercat toun an a garrison an becam a port in 1742 whan hit wis linkit til Loch Neagh bi the first summit-level canal in Breetain an Ireland. In Mairch 2002, for Queen Elizabeth's Gowden Jubilee, Newry wis grantit ceetie status alangsyd Lisburn.[5] In maugre o bein the fowert mukkilest ceetie in Northren Ireland, housomeiver, hit is no the fowert mukkilest settilment. Newry haes lang been an important steid o tred.

Name[eedit | eedit soorce]

The name Newry cums frae an anglicization o An Iúraigh, an asklent furm o An Iúrach, whilk meins "the shaw o yew trees".[1] The modren Erse name for Newry is An tIúr, whilk meins "the yew tree". An tIúr is a shortenin o Iúr Cinn Trá, whilk itsel meins "yew tree at the heid o the strand".[1] This relates ti a tale that Saunt Patrick plantit a yew tree thar in the 5t centurie.

The Erse name Cathair an Iúir (Ceetie o Newry) kyths on a whein o bilingual walcum signs.[6]

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