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Coordinates: 52°24′29″N 1°30′38″W / 52.40806°N 1.51056°W / 52.40806; -1.51056

Coventry skyline

Coventry (Inglis pronunciation: [ˈkɒvəntɹi], [ˈkʌvəntɹi]) is a ceety an metropolitan borough in the coonty o Wast Midlands in Ingland. Coventry is the 9t lairgest ceety in Ingland an the 11t lairgest in the Unitit Kinrick.[1] It is an aa the seicont lairgest ceety in the Inglis Midlands, efter Birmingham, wi a population o 300,848,[2][3] awtho baith Leicester an Nottingham hae lairger urban auries. The population o Coventry haes risen tae 309,800 as o 2008.

Coventry is situatit 95 mile (153 km) northwast o Lunnon an 19 mile (31 km) east o Birmingham, an is further frae the coast than ony ither ceety in Breetain. Awtho harbourin a population o amaist a third o a million indwallers, Coventry is no amangst the Inglis Core Ceeties Group due tae its proximity tae Birmingham.

Coventry wis the warld's first 'twin ceety' whan it formed a twinnin relationship wi the Roushie ceety o Stalingrad (nou Volgograd) during Warld War II. The relationship developed throu ordinary fowk in Coventry who wantit tae shaw thair support for the Soviet Red Airmy durin the Battle o Stalingrad.[4] The ceety is nou an aa twinned wi Dresden, Lidice an wi 26 ither ceeties aroond the warld.

Coventry Cathedral is ane o the newer cathedrals in the warld, haein been biggit follaein the Warld War II bombin o the auncient cathedral bi the Luftwaffe. Coventry motor companies hae contributit significantly taeo the Breetish motor industry, an it haes twa varsities, the ceety centre-based Coventry University an the University o Warwick on the soothern ootskirts.

Twin ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Coventry first twinned wi (Volgograd, Roushie). Efter Warld War II Coventry twinned wi Dresden as an act o peace an reconciliation, baith ceeties haein been vera hivily bombed durin the war. Each twin ceety kintra is representit in a specific ward o the ceety an in each ward haes a peace gairden dedicatit tae that twin ceety.

Coventry is nou twinned wi 26 places athort the warld:

Banner Ceety Kintra Year Twinned Ward
Australie Parkes, New Sooth Wales Australie 1956 Bablake
Austrick Graz Austrick [5] 1957 Binley & Willenhall
Bosnie an Herzegovinae Sarajevo Bosnie an Herzegovinae 1957 Cheylesmore
Canadae Cornwall, Ontario Canadae 1972 Earlsdon
Granby, Quebec 1963
Windsor, Ontario 1963
Fowkrepublic o Cheenae Jinan Cheenae 1983 Foleshill
Czech Republic Lidice Czech Republic 1947 Henley
Ostrava 1959
Fraunce Caen Fraunce 1957 Longford
Saint-Étienne 1955
Germany Dresden Germany 1959 Lawer Stoke
Kiel 1947
Hungary Dunaújváros Hungary 1962 Radford
Kecskemét 1962
Italy Bologna Italy 1960 Sherbourne
Jamaica Kingston Jamaica 1962 St Michael's
Netherlands Arnhem Netherlands 1958 Upper Stoke
Poland Warsaw Poland 1957 Wainbody
Republic o Ireland Cork Ireland 1958 Holbrooks
Romanie Galaţi Romanie 1962 Westwood
Roushie Volgograd/Stalingrad Roushie 1944 Whoberley
Serbie Belgrade Serbie 1957 Woodlands
United States Coventry, Connecticut Unitit States 1962 Wyken
Coventry, New York 1972
Coventry, Rhode Island 1971

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