Kingston, Jamaica

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Ceety an Caipital
Kingston an St. Andrew Corporation / Greater Kingston
Motto: A ceety which hath foondations[1]
Kingston is locatit in Jamaica
Location o Kingston shown within Jamaica
Coordinates: 17°59′N 76°48′W / 17.983°N 76.800°W / 17.983; -76.800
Kintra  Jamaica
Coonty  Surrey
Pairish  Kingston
 St. Andrew
Established 1692
 • Mayor Angela Brown-Burke
 • Tot 480 km2 (190 sq mi)
Elevation 9 m (30 ft)
Population (2011)
 • Tot 937,700
 • Density 1,358/km2 (3,520/sq mi)
 • Kingston Parish 96,052
 • St. Andrew Parish 555,828
Time zone EST (UTC-5)

Keengstoun is the caipital an lairgest ceety o Jamaica, locatit on the sootheastren coast o the island. It faces a natural harbour protectit bi the Palisadoes, a lang sand spit which connects the toun o Port Royal an the Norman Manley International Airport tae the rest o the island. In the Americas, Keengstoun is the lairgest predominantly Inglis-speaking ceety sooth o the Unitit States.

The local govrenment bodies o the parishes o Keengstoun an St. Andra wur amalgamatit bi the Keengstoun and St. Andrew Corporation Act o 1923, tae form the Keengstoun and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC). Greater Keengstoun, or the "Corporate Aurie" refers tae those auries unner the KSAC; housomeivver, it does no solely refer tae Keengstoun Parish, which anerlie consists o the auld dountoun an Port Royal. Keengstoun Parish haed a population o 96,052, an St. Andrew parish haed a population o 555,828 in 2001. Keengstoun is anerlie bordered bi Saint Andrew tae the east, wast an north. The geographical border for the parish o Keengstoun ends at East Street, Wast Street an North Street.

The ceety proper is bundit bi Six Miles tae the wast, Stony Hill tae the north, Papine tae the northeast an Harbour View tae the east, communities in urban an suburban Saint Andrew. Communities in rural St. Andrew such as Gordon Toun, Mavis Bank, Lawrence Tavern, Mt. Airy an Bull Bay wad no be describit as being in Keengstoun ceety.

Two parts make up the central aurie o Keengstoun: the historic but troubled Downtown, an New Keengstoun is served bi Norman Manley International Airport an an' a' bi the smawer an primarily domestic Tinson Pen Aerodrome.

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Keengstoun haes sax sister ceeties:

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