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This airticle is aboot the ceety in Florida. For ither uisses, see Miami (disambiguation).
City of Miami
A collage of images of Miami.
Banner o Miami
Offeecial seal o Miami
Nickname(s): "Magic City", "The Gateway to the Americas", "Capital of Latin America"[1][2]
Location in Miami-Dade Coonty an the state o Florida
Location in Miami-Dade Coonty an the state o Florida
Kintra Unitit States
State Florida
Coonty Miami-Dade
Settled 1825
Incorporatit 28 Julie 1896
Named for Mayaimi
 • Teep Mayor–commissioner plan
 • Mayor Tomás Regalado (I)
 • Ceety manager Johnny Martinez
 • Ceety 55.27 sq mi (143.1 km2)
 • Laund 35.68 sq mi (92.4 km2)
 • Watter 19.59 sq mi (50.7 km2)
 • Urban 1,116.1 sq mi (2,891 km2)
 • Metro 6,137 sq mi (15,890 km2)
Elevation 6 ft (2 m)
Population (2010)[3][4][5][6]
 • Ceety 408,568 (42nt)
 • Density 12,139.5/sq mi (4,687.1/km2)
 • Urban 5,502,379 (4t)
Demonym(s) Miamian
Time zone EST (UTC−5)
 • Summer (DST) EDT (UTC−4)
ZIP code(s) 33010–33299
Aurie code(s) 305, 786

Miami (pronounced /maɪˈæmi/ (deprecatit template) or /maɪˈæmə/) is a major ceety locatit on the Atlantic coast in sootheastren Florida an the coonty seat o Miami-Dade Coonty, the maist populous coonty in Florida, an the aicht-maist populous coonty in the Unitit States, wi a population o 2,500,625.[7] The 42nt lairgest ceety in the Unitit States, wi a population o 433,136, it is the principal, central, an maist populous ceety o the Miami metropolitan aurie, the maist populous metropolis in the Southeastren Unitit States.[8] Accordin tae Unitit Naitions estimates, the Miami Urbanized Aurie wis the fifth most populous urbanized area in the U.S. in 2000 wi a population o 4,919,036, but in 2008 that number increased tae 5,232,342, makin it the fowert-lairgest urbanized aurie in the Unitit States, ahint New York Ceety, Los Angeles, an Chicago.[4][9] The metropolitan aurie population is 5,547,051 (1 Julie 2009 estimate).

Miami is a major center an a leader in finance, commerce, cultur, media, entertainment, the airts, an internaitional trade.[10][11] In 2010, Miami ranked seivent in the Unitit States in terms o finance, commerce, cultur, entertainment, fashion, education, an ither sectors. It ranked thirtie-third amang global ceeties.[12]

In 2008, Miami wis ranked as "Americae's Cleanest Ceety" accordin tae Forbes Magazine for its year-roond guid air quality, vast green spaces, clean drinkin water, clean streets an ceety-wide recyclin programs.[13] In 2009, UBS study o 73 warld ceeties, Miami wis ranked as the richest ceety in the Unitit States an the warld's fift-richest ceety, in terms o purchasin pouer.[14]

Downtown Miami an Sooth Florida are hame tae the lairgest concentration o internaitional banks in the Unitit States, an is hame tae mony lairge companies baith naitionally an internaitionally.[15][16]

For well mair than twa decades, the Port o Miami, kent as the "Cruise Caipital o the Warld" is the number ane cruise passenger port in the warld accommodatin some o the lairgest cruise ships in the warld, an operations an is the busiest in baith passenger traffic an cruise lines.[17][18]

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