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Caipital Destrict
Bogotá Distrito Capital
Dountoun Bogota
Dountoun Bogota
Banner o Bogotá
Offeecial seal o Bogotá
Motto(s): Bogotá, 2600 metros más cerca de las estrellas
Bogotá, 2600 meters closer tae the starn
Bogotá is locatit in Colombia
Location in Colombie
Coordinates: 4°35′53″N 74°4′33″W / 4.59806°N 74.07583°W / 4.59806; -74.07583Coordinates: 4°35′53″N 74°4′33″W / 4.59806°N 74.07583°W / 4.59806; -74.07583
Kintra Colombie
Depairtment Flag of Bogotá.svg Distrito Capital
Foondation 6 August 1538 (traditional)[2]
Foondit bi Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada
 • Mayor Gustavo Petro Urrego
 • Caipital Destrict 1,587 km2 (613 sq mi)
Elevation[5] 2,625 m (8,612 ft)
Population (2017)[6][7][3][4]
 • Caipital Destrict 8,080,734 [1]
 • Rank 1st
 • Metro 9,800,000[3][4]
Demonym(s) Bogotan
bogotano, -na (es)
HDI (2011) 0.904 very high<[8]
Wabsteid Ceety Offeecial Steid
Mayor Official Site
Bogotá Tourism

Bogotá, Distrito Capital (Spaingie pronunciation: [boɣoˈta] ( listen)), umwhile cried Santa Fé de Bogotá, is the caipital ceety o Colombie, as well as the maist populous ceety in the kintra, wi an estimatit 7,304,384 indwallers as o 2009. Bogotá an its metropolitan aurie, which includes municipalities sic as Chía, Cota, Soacha, Cajicá an La Calera, haed an estimatit population o 8,566,926 in 2009. In terms o land aurie, Bogotá is the lairgest ceety in Colombie, ane o the biggest o Latin Americae, figures in the 30t lairgest ceeties in the warld, an its altitude (2,640 metres) maks it the third-heichest caipital ceety in the warld, efter La Paz an Quito. Wi its mony varsities an libraries, Bogotá haes acome kent as "The Athens o Sooth Americae". Bogotá awns the biggest moorland in the warld, it is locatit in the Sumapaz Locality.

Seembols[eedit | eedit soorce]

The banner oreeginatit wi the insurgency movement against the colonial authorities which began on 20 Julie 1810, durin which the rebels wore airmbaunds wi yellae an reid baunds, as thir colours wur those o the Spainyie banner uised as the banner for the New Kinrick o Granada.

In 9 October 1952, exactly 142 years efter thir events, decree 555 o 1952 offeecially adoptit the patriotic airmbaund as the banner o Bogotá.[9] The banner o Cundinamarca follaes the same pattern, plus a licht blue tile which represents the Virgin Mary's cape.

The banner itsel is a yellae baund abuin a reid ane. The yellae denotes the gowd frae the earth, as well as the virtues o juistice, clemency, benevolence, the sae-cawed "mundane qualities" (defined as nobility, excellence, richness, generosity, splendour, heal, steadfastness, joy an prosperity), lang life, eternity, pouer an constancy. The reid denotes the virtue o charity, as well as the qualities o bravery, nobility, values, audacity, victory, honour an furor, Colombians caw it the bluid o thair fowk.

The coat o airms o the ceety wis grantit bi emperor Charles V (Charles I o Spain) tae the New Kinrick o Granada, bi royal decree gien in Valladolid, Spain on Dicember 3, 1548. It contains a black eagle in the center, which seembolises steadfastness. The eagle is an aa a seembol o the Habsburgs, which wis the rulin faimily o the Spainyie empire at the time. The eagle is crouned wi gowd an holds a reid pomegranate inside a golden backgrund. The mairch contains olive branches wi nine golden pomegranates on a blue background. The twa reid pomegranates seembolise audacity, an the nine golden oanes represent the nine states which constitutit the New Kinrick o Granada at the time. In 1932 the coat o airms wis offeecially recognised an adoptit as the seembol o Bogotá.

Bogotá's anthem leerics wur written bi Pedro Medina Avendaño; the melody wis componed bi Roberto Pineda Duque. The sang wis offeecially declared the anthem bi decree 1000 o Julie 31, 1974, bi then Mayor o Bogotá, Aníbal Fernandez de Soto.

Internaitional relations[eedit | eedit soorce]

See an aa: Leet o twin touns an sister ceeties in Sooth Americae

Twin touns an sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bogotá is twinned wi:

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