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This article is aboot the caipital ceety o Spain. For the autonomous commonty, see Commonty o Madrid. For other uses, see Madrid (disambiguation).
Villa de Madrid


Coat of arms
Motto: «Fui sobre agua edificada,
mis muros de fuego son.
Esta es mi insignia y blasón

("On water I was built,
my walls are made of fire.
This is my ensign and escutcheon")[1][2]
Madrid is located in Spain
Location o Madrid athin Spain
Madrid is located in Madrid
Map o Madrid
Coordinates: 40°23′N 3°43′W / 40.383°N 3.717°W / 40.383; -3.717Coordinates: 40°23′N 3°43′W / 40.383°N 3.717°W / 40.383; -3.717
Kintra Spain
Region Commonty o Madrid
Foondit IX Century[3]
 • Type Mayor-council
 • Body Ayuntamiento de Madrid
 • Mayor Ana Botella (PP)
 • Ceety 605.77 km2 (233.89 sq mi)
Elevation 667 m (2,188 ft)
Population (2014)
 • Ceety 3,165,235
 • Rank 1st
 • Density 5,390/km2 (14,000/sq mi)
 • Urban 6,183,000[5]
 • Metro 6,489,162[4]
Demonym Madrilenian
madrileño (m) madrileña (f)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 28001–28080
Area code(s) 34 (Spain) + 91 (Madrid)
Patron Saints Isidore the Laborer
Virgin o Almudena
Puerta de Alcalá, Madrid.

Madrid (pronounced: “mah-DRID” or /məˈdrɪd/) is the caipital an lairgest ceety o Spain. The caipital uised tae be Valladolid till 1561.

Madrid is in the middle o Spain, in the Commonty o Madrid. This commonty is a lairge aurie which includes the ceety as well as smaw touns an veelages ootside the ceety. 7 million fowk live in the commonty. Mair than 3 million live in the ceety itself. At 655 m (2,100 ft) abuin sea level, it is the heichest caipital o ony European kintra. It haes twa fitbaa teams cried Real Madrid an Atlético Madrid.

Madrid wis ruled bi the Romans frae the 2nt hunderyear. Efter AD 711 it wis occupee'd bi the Moors. In 1083 Spain wis ruled again bi Spaniards. Catholic keengs ruled the kintra. Bi the mid-16t hunderyear it haed become the caipital o a vera lairge empire. Spain wis ruled bi monarchs frae the Hoose o Habsburg, then the Hoose o Bourbon. Efter the Spainyie Ceevil War it wis ruled bi a dictator until the mid-1970s when it became a democracy.

As it is the caipital ceety, Madrid is whaur the monarch lives an whaur the govrenment meets an aw.

Madrid is the financial centre o Spain. Mony lairge businesses hae their main offices thare.

Awtho it is a modren ceety, a lot o its history can be seen an felt as ane walks alang the streets an in the lairge squares o the ceety. Thare are bonnie pairks, famous biggins, airt galleries an concert haws. The simmer months are vera hot an the winter months are vera cauld.

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