Commonty o Madrid

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Commonty o Madrid
Comunidad de Madrid (in Spaingie)
Autonomous Commonty
Banner o the Commonty o Madrid
Coat o airms o the Commonty o Madrid
Coat o airms
Map o the Commonty o Madrid
Map o the Commonty o Madrid
Coordinates: 40°30′N 3°40′W / 40.500°N 3.667°W / 40.500; -3.667
Caipital Madrid
 • Preses Ignacio González González (PP)
Aurie(1.6% o Spain; Rankit 12t)
 • Total 8,030.1 km2 (3,100.4 sq mi)
Population (2010)
 • Tot 6,445,499
 • Density 802.66/km2 (2,078.9/sq mi)
 • Pop. rank 3rd
 • Percent 13.5% o Spain
ISO 3166-2 M
Offeecial leids Spainyie
Statute o Autonomy 1 Mairch 1983
Pairlament Cortes Generales
Congress seats 35 (o 350)
Senate seats 10 (o 264)
Wabsteid Comunidad de Madrid

The Commonty o Madrid (Spaingie: Comunidad de Madrid, IPA: [komuniˈðað ðe maˈðɾið]) is ane o the seiventeen autonomous commonties o Spain. It is locatit at the centre o the kintra, the Iberie Peninsulae, an the Castilian Central Plateau (Meseta Central). The commonty is conterminous wi the province o Madrid an aw an contains the caipital o Spain, whilk is the caipital o the commonty an aw. It is bundit tae the sooth an east bi Castile-La Mancha an tae the north an wast bi Castile an León. It haes a population o 6,369,167 (2011) maistly concentratit at the metropolitan aurie o Madrid.[1]

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