Province o Huelva

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Province o Huelva
Wetlands in Doñana

Huelva (pronoonced: [ˈwelβa]) is a province o soothern Spain, in the wastren pairt o the autonomous commonty o Andalusie. It is bordered bi Portugal, the provinces o Badajoz, Seville, an Cádiz, an the Atlantic Ocean. Its caipital is Huelva.

Its aurie is 10,148 km². Its population is 483,792 (2005), o whom aboot 30% live in the caipital, an its population densitie is 47.67/km². It contains 79 municipalities.

The economie is based on agricultur an minin. The famous Rio Tinto mines hae been wirkit syne afore 1000 BC, an wur the major source o copper for the Roman Empire. As an indication o the scope o auncient minin, saxteen million tons o Roman slag hae been identifee'd at the Roman mines. Breetish companies resumit lairge-scale mining in 1873; the destrict is the namesake o the Rio Tinto Group.[1]

The province contains Palos de la Frontera, an Moguer, whaur Christopher Columbus sailed oot o on his first voyage in 1492, an shares the Parque Nacional de Doñana.

Tourism[eedit | eedit soorce]

The delayed tourist development o the province haes alloued better ceety plannin than in ither regions on the Spainyie coast. The nuclei o Islantilla an Isla Canela are an example o this attempt tae plan in a mair coherent form. Awtho in a smawer scale in comparison tae ither regions, urban pressure continues. Previous developments that haed little plannin till recent time are El Rompido, El Portil, Mazagón an Matalascañas (Torre de la Higuera).

Awtho Punta Umbría haed its beginnins like pedanía de Cartaya, efter the democratization o simmer tourism, it began its urban development for its proximity tae the caipital an its location on the beach. Present development wad no endure athoot tourist activity an its vacation hoosin. Ither tourist auries are Nuevo Umbría, Nuevo Portil, Punta del Moral, La Antilla an Urbasur.

O note is Huelva‘s recent classification o “landwart tourism” for its interior muntain range.

Green electricity[eedit | eedit soorce]

Huelva haes 388 MegaWatts (MW)o wind pouer, 68 MW biomass pouer, an 66 MW o solar pouer.[2] A 220 kiloVolt transmission line haes been constructit tae send pouer tae the main grid as well as impruivin connections atween Spain an Portugal.[3]

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