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Provincia de Ourense
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Banner o Ourense
Coat o airms o Ourense
Coat o airms
Ourense in Spain.svg
Kintra  Spain
Autonomous commonty Galicie
Caipital Ourense
 • Bouk Deputación de Ourense
 • Preses José Manuel Baltar Blanco (PPdeG)
 • Total 7,273 km2 (2,808 sq mi)
Population (2008)
 • Tot 336,009
 • Rank 36t
Demonym(s) ourensán (m), ourensá (f)
ISO 3166 code ES-OR
Pairlament 14 deputies (oot o 75)
Congress 4 deputies (oot o 25)
Senate 4 senators (oot o 19)

Ourense is a province o northwastren Spain, in the sootheastren pairt o the autonomous commonty o Galicia. It is bordered bi the provinces o Pontevedra in the wast, Lugo in the north, León an Zamora in the east, an bi Portugal in the sooth. Wi a aurie o 7,278 square km it is the anerly landlockit province in Galicie. The provincial caipital, Ourense, is the lairgest population centre, wi the rest o the province bein predominantly landwart.

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Coordinates: 42°10′N 7°30′W / 42.167°N 7.500°W / 42.167; -7.500