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Concello de Amoeiro
Offeecial seal o Concello de Amoeiro
Situation o Amoeiro athin Galicie
Situation o Amoeiro athin Galicie
Autonomous commonty Galicie
Province Ourense
Comarca Ourense
 • Alcalde (Mayor) Rafael Rodríguez Vilariño (PSOE)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Simmer (DST) CET (UTC+2)

Amoeiro is a toun (Concello) of the Province o Ourense in Galicie. It is pairt o the comarca o Ourense.

It connects wi the touns o: San Cristovo de Cea, Vilamarín, Coles, Ourense, Punxín an Maside.

Population in 2004: 2,322 inhabitants (2,276 in 2003).

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Coordinates: 42°25′N 7°57′W / 42.417°N 7.950°W / 42.417; -7.950