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Location of Toén in Galicia.

Toén is a municipality in the Spaingie province o Ourense. It haes a population o 2649 (Spaingie 2007 Census) an a aurie o 58 km².

Population in Toén haes haed big chynges aw alang 20t hunderyear. At the beginnin, in 1900, Toén haed 3.881 fowk. Toén reik its maximum level o population in 1950 (4369 fowk). Ane o the raisons o this risin population is tae be locatit vera near the caipital ceety in the province Ourense. This slawed doun the speed o emigration, as happened in ither municipalities. Naetheless, this raison wisna eneuh for stoppin a lawerin in the population frae 1950 tae the day.

Coordinates: 42°19′N 7°57′W / 42.317°N 7.950°W / 42.317; -7.950