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Concello de Ribadavia
Official seal of Concello de Ribadavia
Situation o Ribadavia athin Galicie
Situation o Ribadavia athin Galicie
 • Alcalde (Mayor)Marcos Blanco Jorge
 • Total25.1 km2 (9.7 sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CET)

The toun o Ribadavia (toun pop. 3,365, municipality 5,540, aurie o municipality 20.2 km²) is locatit in the soothwast o the province o Ourense, Galicie, Spain. The urban aurie lees on the richt bank o the Miño (see Portuguese Minho) an the last course o the Avia. It is considered tae be the caipital o the comarca o O Ribeiro. Near heich-gate N-120 (Ourense tae Vigo) an the motorwey cried Autovia das Rias Baixas (A52), it is 25 km frae the provincial caipital an 80 km frae Vigo.

The toun wis declared a Historical Airtistic Steid in 1947. Near the Campo da Feira, ane can fynd the ruins o the castle o the Sarmientos, the Coonts o Ribadavia, datin frae the fifteent hunderyear. It still preserves the interior, touers an the waws. Pairts o the waws that surroondit the toun are still staundin an aw. Inside the auld quairter (casco vello/Barrio Xudeu), ane can veesit the main square (Praza Maior) wi interestin biggins lik the saxteent-hunderyear toun haw. Thare are biggins remainin frae wha wis ance a lairge Jewish quairter an aw, includin a synagogue.

Aw the economic life o the comarca o the Ribeiro haes centred on, syne the twalt hunderyear, the vines first brocht bi the monks o Cluny who accompaniet the first coont o Galicie, Raymond o Burgundy. The day, the wine is commercialised as Denominación de Orixe Ribeiro. (Demarcatit Origen Ribeiro)

Bibliografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

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  • (in Spaingie) Samuel Eiján, Historia de Ribadavia y sus alrededores.

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Coordinates: 42°17′N 8°08′W / 42.283°N 8.133°W / 42.283; -8.133