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Province o Jaén (Spain)

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Jaén (pronoonced: [xaˈen]) is a province o soothren Spain, in the eastren pairt o the autonomous community o Andalusie. It is bordered bi the provinces o Ciudad Real, Albacete, Granada an Córdoba. Its caipital is Jaén ceety.

Its aurie is 13,484 km². Its population is 657,387 (2003), o whom juist aboot ane-saxt live in the caipital. It contains 97 municipalities.

Ane o the lesser kent provinces of Spain compared tae the hivily tourist-orientit coast, it haes fower naitional pairks (ane the size o the entire region o La Rioja), an mony ither protectit natural auries. The province an aw contains twa Renaissance ceeties, Úbeda an Baeza, baith recently declared a Warld Heritage Steid bi UNESCO.

The annual chess tournament held in Linares attracts mony o the warld's best players.

Jaén is ane o the lairger producers o olive ile in the warld. It produces aroond 60% o aw Spaingie production.

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