Province o Málaga

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Province o Málaga

The Province o Málaga (pronoonced: [ˈmalaɣa]; Spaingie: Provincia de Málaga) is locatit on the soothren coast o Spain, in the Autonomous Commonty o Andalusie. It is bordered bi the Mediterranean Sea tae the sooth, an bi the provinces o Cádiz, Sevilla, Córdoba an Granada.

Its area is 7,308 km². Its population is 1,593,068 (2009), of whom two-fifths live in the capital Málaga, and its population density is 218/km².

Its main industry an claim tae fame is its tourist resorts, pairticularly those on the beaches alang the Costa del Sol ("Sun Coast"). These beaches are visitit bi millions o European tourists. But besides the beaches, the muntainous province haes some vera interestin places tae visit, like the gorge o El Chorro or the Torcal in Antequera.

The magnum opus o Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona, "Malagueña", is namit for the muisic o the Gypsies o this region o Spain. Anither famous patron o the ceety is Pablo Picasso.

Málaga contains 101 municipalities. Besides the caipital, its main ceeties are Marbella, Vélez-Málaga, Antequera an Ronda.

The population is concentratit mainly in the metropolitan aurie o Málaga an throughoot the coastal aurie. The population density surpasses baith the Andalusie an Spainyie averages, reachin 204.06 hab/km². The municipalities o Antequera an Ronda, baith wi mair nor 35,000 inhabitants, are locatit in the interior.

The prevailin climate is a warm Mediterranean wi dry an warm lang simmers wi short mild winters. The geographical relief varies greatly frae zone to zone. In general, the Eastren coastal zone haes a subtropical Mediterranean climate. While in the Eastren end, the influence o the Atlantic ocean gives mair rains that are quite abundant. Tae the north, a Continental Mediterranean climate exists wi cauld, dry winters an warm simmers.

Regions[eedit | eedit soorce]

Regions o Málaga
  • La Axarquía
  • Valle del Guadalhorce
  • Serranía de Ronda
  • Comarca de Antequera
  • Costa del Sol Occidental
  • Vega de Málaga

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