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Region o Murcia
Región de Murcia (in Spaingie)
Autonomous Commonty
Banner o the Region o Murcie
Coat o airms o Region o Murcia
Coat o airms
Map o the Region o Murcie
Map o the Region o Murcie
Coordinates: 38°00′N 1°50′W / 38.000°N 1.833°W / 38.000; -1.833
Caipital Murcia
 • Preses Ramón Luis Valcárcel Siso (PP)
Aurie(2.2% o Spain; Rankit 9t)
 • Total 11,313 km2 (4,368 sq mi)
Population (2008)
 • Tot 1,470,069
 • Density 130/km2 (340/sq mi)
 • Pop. rank 10th
 • Percent 3.0% o Spain
ISO 3166-2 MU
Offieecial leids Spanish;
Statute o Autonomy 9 Juin 1982
Parliament Cortes Generales
Congress seats 10 (o 350)
Senate seats 4 (o 264)
Wabsteid Comunidad Autónoma de la Región de Murcia

The Region o Murcia (Spaingie: Región de Murcia, IPA: [reˈxjon de ˈmurθja]; Valencie: [Regió de Múrcia] error: {{lang}}: unrecognized language code: va (help), IPA: [redʒiˈo ðe ˈmuɾsia])[1] is a autonomous commonty o Spain locatit in the sootheast o the kintra, atween Andalusie an Valencie Commonty, on the Mediterranean coast.

The autonomous commonty consists o a single province, unalike maist autonomous commonties, that hae several provinces athin the same territory. Acause o this, the autonomous commonty an the province are operatit as ane unit o govrenment. The ceety o Murcie is the caipital o the region an seat o govrenment organs, cep the parliament (Regional Assembly), that is locatit in Cartagena. The autonomous community an province is subdividit in municipalities.

The Region o Murcie is bordered bi Andalusie (the provinces of Almería an Granada); Castile-La Mancha (the province o Albacete, which wis historically connectit tae Murcie till 1980); the Valencie Commonty (province o Alicante); an the Mediterranean Sea. The community measurs 11,313 km² an haes a population o 1.4 million, o whom ane-third live in the caipital. The heichest muntain is Los Obispos (2,015 m).

The region is a major producer o fruits, vegetables, an flouers for Spain an the rest o Europe. Wineries hae developed near the touns o Bullas, Yecla, an Jumilla, as weel as olive ile near Moratalla. Murcie is mainly a warm region that is vera suitable for agricultur. Housomeivver, the precipitation level is laich an watter supply is a camsteirie subject the day syne, in addition tae the traditional watter demand for craps, there a watter demand for the boomin tourist developments whilk tak advantage o the mild wather an beaches. Water is suppleed bi the Segura River an, syne the 70's, bi the Tajo transvasement, a major ceevil ingineerin whilk, unner some environmental an sustainability restraints, brings watter frae the Tajo intae the Segura.

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  1. Valencie (Catalan) is spaken in El Carche athout ony offeecial recognition.

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