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Banner o Extremadura
Coat o airms o Extremadura
Coat airms
Anthem: Himno de Extremadura
Coordinates: 39°N 6°W / 39°N 6°W / 39; -6
ProvincesCáceres, an Badajoz
 • TeepDevolvit govrenment in a constitutional monarchy
 • BodiJunta de Extremadura
 • PresesJosé Antonio Monago Terraza (PP)
 • Total41634 km2 (16,075 sq mi)
Area rank5t
 • Total1,097,744
 • Rank12t
 • Density26/km2 (68/sq mi)
Demonym(s)Extremaduran, Extremenian
extremeño (m), extremeña
ISO 3166 codeES-EX
Statute o Autonomy26 Februar 1983
Ither leidsFala
Assembly65 deputes
Congress10 deputes (oot o 350)
Senate10 senators (oot o 264)

Extremadura (Inglis /ˌɛkstrməˈdʊrə/; Spaingie: [e(k)stɾemaˈðuɾa]; Extremaduran: Estremaura [estɾemaˈuɾa]) is an autonomous commonty o wastren Spain whose caipital ceety is Mérida. Its component provinces are Cáceres an Badajoz. It is bordered bi Portugal tae the wast. Tae the north it borders Castile an León (provinces o Salamanca an Ávila); tae the sooth, it borders Andalusie (provinces o Huelva, Seville, an Córdoba); an tae the east, it borders Castile–La Mancha (provinces o Toledo an Ciudad Real)

It is an important aurie for wildlife, pairticularly wi the major reserve at Monfragüe, which wis designatit a Naitional Pairk in 2007, an the project o the Internaitional Tagus River Natural Pairk (Terreno Natural Río Tajo Internacional). The govrenment o Extremadura is cried Junta de Extremadura.

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