Province o Badajoz

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Province o Badajoz
Comarcas in the province o Badajoz

The province o Badajoz (pronoonced: [baðaˈxoθ]) is a province o wastren Spain locatit in the autonomous commonty o Extremadura. It wis formit in 1833. It is bordered bi the provinces o Cáceres, Toledo, Ciudad Real, Córdoba, Seville, an Huelva, an bi Portugal.

Wi its aurie o 21,766 km², it is the lairgest province in Spain. The ither province o Extremadura, Cáceres, is the seicont lairgest.

As o 2010, the province haes a population o 692,137. Its caipital is the ceety o Badajoz. See an aw Leet o municipalities in Badajoz.

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